Cisco Together Campaign

Web series of technologists on what it means to be together in a connected world

Ogilvy led a campaign to gather some of the day's brightest technologists to share their thoughts on what it means to be together in our digitally-connected world.

I was responsible for the concept, UX and design of the site experience. In the days pre-Pinterest, I employed a mosaic grid system with boxes that expanded and shifted around content, allowing the user to freely explore all content without jumping from page to page. It encouraged ease and fluidity of exploration through a large quanity of content.

In additon to the site, I designed a broad spectrum of paid media with takeovers, partnerships and banner campaigns.

The campaign positioned Cisco as a curator of thought leadership beyond their perception of a company of routers and switches. It also put a human face to what their technology means for the world and its people.

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