Formosa Game (In Progress)

Upcoming game for iOS

Formosa (working title) is a game I'm currently building from the ground up. Development actually started years ago before the introduction of Swift, so it's built in Objective-C. At the time, I experimented with a few of the popular game development applications, but none of them felt quite right or allowed me the ability to tightly control how things functioned. So I made a rash decision to dive into Objective-C and the Xcode application.

The learning curve was incredibly steep coming from a JavaScript-minded background. I took the approach of learning on an as-needed basis, starting from the most basic game structure concepts and building out from there.

Side-scrolling Doodle Jump

My all-time favorite iOS game has long been the original Doodle Jump, quite likely capturing the most playing time in my life. For the longest time, I had wondered what it might be like to have a side-scrolling Doodle Jump. This inspired me to pick up iOS development to see if I could build it myself.

After a few weeks of struggling through Objective-C, I successfully built a working demo. The most difficult aspect of the prototype was getting the momentum motion just right with the goal of mimicing Doodle Jump's feel, which I felt nailed the feeling perfectly.

The very first demo, built in Objective-C in Xcode

Having completed the basic mechanic, the next step was to design a game wholly new, not a simple Doodle Jump clone with a horizontal direction. I knew I wanted it to be an adventure game with a specific start and end, not an infinitely-scrolling game. I created a few diagrams to define the high-level flow.

I then spent quite a long time exploring a large variety of art styles, none ever quite sitting well after repeated looks.

The latest and most likely final character style. Scenes are still in development with rough blocking.

I then explored basic challenges from which to grow more complex challenges.

I also built a custom scene editor in front-end HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, exporting scene code that could be copied and pasted straight into the Xcode build.

Development is still under way with an expected launch in 2018.

More work