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A prank app that mimics iOS in HTML, CSS and JavaScript

The iOS (6) interface in HTML, CSS & JavaScript

I had the idea to recreate the iOS home screen as a web page with just HTML, CSS & JavaScript. I mimicked every little detail, even to the way the buttons change transparency on tap but become fully opaque once the finger starts to drag.

If one were to load this web page on an iPhone and add it to the home screen, it could then be launched full screen just like a native app and fool any unsuspecting person that it is, in fact, the actual iPhone interface.





A little added mischief

So my next thought was this is cool, but what else could be done with it? What if when you tried to open an app, the app's icon exploded in flames? Or a giant screaming zombie popped up out of nowhere? All you'd then need to do is grab your friend's phone for one minute, load the page, add it to their home screen to set the trap. You wouldn't even need their Apple ID password.


Desktop landing page

April Fools!

I targeted April Fool's as the perfect time to spread the word. I sent feelers out to numerous sites in the approaching weeks and it got generously featured on TUAW, the most popular apple blog on the internets. It didn't take long after to go viral, attracting 1.5 million unique visitors around the world.

Featured on The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)

Featured in media around the world


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