Just the First Frame Web Comic Aggregator

A web comic Sunday funnies considerate to the needs of the creators

In the web comic industry, there has long been contention between comic artists and sites that unscrupulously aggregate their work. These aggregation sites are great for audiences who want to view the comics quickly and casually, but offer little to no benefit to the comic creators who lose out on both ad impressions and analytics of who is viewing their work.

A long time fan of the genre, I thought if only the first panel were shown then you would have no choice but to click through to the original source to read the entire comic.

Tap the panel...

...and enjoy the full comic on the original artist's site.

I maintained the site for over 2 years, making updates to over 800 comics simultaneously at its peak. I continually optimized steps in the process to streamline and reduce effort, though the cropping was always done manually.

The site is no longer active, but during it's time it was incredibly well-received by the many artists who allowed me to share their comics and a service I enjoyed providing each day.

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