Can your keyboard serve as tactile input?

(The gif loading in the background might help answer this question)

I had a similar idea back in the dot com boom days when Flash was not just alive, but actually the hip thing to use. But instead of swiping, it was punching, and you simply punched the general area on your keyboard that you wanted to punch on the screen. This was way before touch screen devices, and I had the silly idea that the keyboard could serve as a touch device in this weird sense.

Recalling this silly Flash experiment I had done, I thought, what if I connected the touch points to track the full range of movement? So you swipe your hand anywhere across the keyboard, up, down, left, right, diagonal and any swoopy shape, and your input is mirrored and visualized right there on the screen.

Still thinking of ideas on how this could be used practically or for entertainment. Perhaps the solution for how Fruit Ninja could be ported to a traditional laptop? Try it yourself with the button below. Maybe you can come up with some crazy bad-ass idea!

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