Henry Kuo   
Experience design and development for business, product, and play


LegalZoom Vision and Style

Following are a few highlights from my time guiding creative at LegalZoom spanning strategy, brand, user experience, and creative execution.

Brand ethos through understanding the customer's journey.

More than just colors and type treatments, the brand evolved by viewing it as a platform for communication. By understanding the user's state of mind at every point in their journey as well as the noise surrounding it, the essence of the brand was about what LegalZoom needed to be for the customer and how to treat the customer accordingly.

Vision Concept

The vision was based on providing a needs-based guided experience rather than a typical menu of options for users find what they need on their own.

A rough high-level mapping of the experience provided context for macro states, from welcome to guidance to building a relationship.

Broad streams through the customer journey

Mobile Concept


Mobile Concept

Visual treatment

Email Pattern Library

A pattern of modules enabling rapid construction of emails with many configurations to precisely tailor messages.

Product Conversion Test

Page redesign to test flow of needs-based messaging.


A prank app that mimics iOS in HTML, CSS and JavaScript