Fire up a scoreboard on any device, anytime, anywhere in seconds.

No need to install a native app on your computer, iPad, or phone. Anytime you need a scoreboard to keep a running tally, it's as quick as loading up this site on any browser on any device.

I designed and built this web app out of a simple need as my son and I randomly come up with silly challenges. Whether we're at home in the living room or eating out at a restaurant, we can fire this up on a laptop, stream it to Apple TV, an iPad or mobile phone. I even have it bookmarked to our favorite theme with our names pre-inserted.

Add up to 12 players at once

It's not just for head-to-head either. I pushed the grid to the limit finding 12 to be feasibly tight. That's not just on desktop, but on mobile as well.

Choose from 10 fun and unique themes

You can also quickly choose between 10 unique themes, clicking and trying them out in a matter of seconds to pick the one you like. A dive bar theme might be great for a friendly match of darts, while a hardwood theme could work for a competitive game of horse.

Minimalist interface with keyboard shortcuts

The interface elements were kept minimal to get out of the way of the big and bold score. And if you take a minute to learn the keyboard commands, you can fly through the setup and scoring without a single click of the mouse.

Settings are saved as hashes in the url, so every player you add and theme you pick is automatically bookmark-able to load up with your players and theme ready to go.

Take a look

Give it a spin at your next beer pong tourney, paper football match, Beetle bug, or game night.

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