Tabasco Nation on Facebook

A Facebook app to reward people's love for Tabasco

Tabasco was an early adopter of the Facebook platform to engage their community of liked-minded lovers of Tabasco. The idea was to create a gamified social app to give Tabasco lovers both literal and digital rewards by completing challenges and sharing photos to prove it.

Fans could also track their daily Tabasco usage to increase their social rank against friends and other fans. A leaderboard tracked real-time activity in the community, and users could progress from Tabasco citizens all the way up to ambassadorship where they could earn a literal gallon jug of Tabasco sauce.

I designed the app from a very detailed set of wireframes and requirements, creating a very visual experience with textures, shapes, iconography, and illustrative badges and avatar frames. As a big Tabasco fan myself, it was easy to get inspired to create something that Tabasco lovers could get excited about.

Bask in your earned badges, receive the latest challenge, and see how you're stacking up against your friends.

Are you up for the challenge?

Your trophy case of badges.

Take on new and past challenges.

Shared gallery of Tabasco-drenched cuisine.

Engagement was so successful that the initial estimate of gallon jug giveaways of Tabasco ran out, awarded to fans that climbed their way past 100,000 points to reach the rank of ambassador. The incentive was clear: eat lots of Tabasco, and earn lots of Tabasco.

The big gallon-glass jug.

As part of the design, I also hand-crafted 36 custom badges based off of the shape of the iconic Tabasco bottle cap, as well as 6 custom avatar frames in the same illustrative style.

I also designed a wide array of paid media from animated banners to full-page takeovers and landing pages for lead-generation.

The app was a huge success in engagement, providing a simple value exchange for people that were already fans and champions of the brand.

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